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Since 2001, Larimar Wholesalers has been wholesaling Larimar gemstones and finished handcrafted Jewelry to the world’s finest jewelry stores, designers, artists, suppliers and collectors.

Larimar Magic is the official retail online shop of Larimar Wholesalers.  At, you will find those unique, special Larimar pieces for your collection at wholesale prices without the need to buy in larger quantities.

Looking for a gift which is truly
exceptional and unique?


Larimar Wholesalers, LLC was founded by Dominican Mildred Ogando who lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and who is responsible for personally handpick all the larimar gemstones offered in our website and other marketplaces like Etsy and Ebay stores.

Our strongest key strives in the meticously selection of our stones, our textured bold craftsmanship, attention to the details in every piece and the affordability of our jewelry due to our privileged location.


We can offer you excellent quality gems at the best  prices because we handpick our larimar directly at the source. You can be confident  that you receive the best quality gemstones.

Our Larimar stones are 100% natural, not enhanced or treated in any way.  We individually photograph each gemstone we sell. There are no stock images and we offer multiple profile views of each and every item. With Larimar Magic – what you see is exactly what you get!

Every single stone comes with a guarantee of origin and authenticity.


No to sweatshops and child labor.  Your purchase will help us to support and connect local Dominican artisans and miners to a global marketplace of conscious customers worldwide.

We support local Dominican artisans

let the magic begin!

Larimar is believed to be able to cool fiery tempers and relieve stress, by balancing the masculine and feminine energies in the mind, body and soul. It is said to bring clarity in thought by ridding the mind of fears and doubts.

Larimar is a stone that symbolizes the peaceful waters of the Sea. Is the perfect stone to keep close by. With its healing blue shade that is so similar to the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea, Larimar helps you to think clearly by dispelling the negative energy.


Pure Larimar is like
the Caribbean- powerful,
deep and yet gentle
and nurturing

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