Unique handmade jewelry Larimar stone necklace in sterling silver from Larimar Magic

Genuine Larimar Jewelry Handmade in Dominican republic.

Dominican Designer Mildred Ogando creates this genuine Larimar jewelry handmade collection.

Born in the Dominican Republic, where she still lives today.  A privileged location that allows her to be part of the mine operations and cultivate a strong relationship with larimar miners in her country.

Those relationships give her the ability to offer high quality larimar stone Jewelry .

She founded the company Larimar Wholesalers, LLC, 20 years ago, to offer finished Larimar wholesale gemstones to the jewelry industry worldwide.

The conceptualization of our jewelry line is the vision of creating high quality and affordable jewelry.

Jewelry with a unique combination of bold, stylish and distinctively designs.

Larimar Unique jewelry handmade by Larimar Magic handcrafted in Dominican Republic with exquisite attention to detail
Larimar starfish pendant sterling silver handmade larimar jewelry by Larimar Magic

The Art Of Being Unique.
Escape The Ordinary!

Being so close and connected to the local Larimar miners, we have the tremendous advantage of handpicking and selecting those high quality Larimar gemstones to use in our genuine jewelry larimar designs.  Read more about our quality and our guarantee.

Creating a unique mix of Larimar gems along with other semi-precious gemstones is the hallmark of our collections.

If you are interested in wholesale larimar jewelry exclusively designed for fine retailers stores and retailers, visit our wholesale website.

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