larimar handmade larimar jewelry cuff bracelet jewelry for sale in sterling silver collection by Larimar magic

Our Larimar Jewelry – Never Go Unnoticed 

Lairmar jewelry coral reef pendant

Real handmade Larimar Jewelry with unsurpassed craftmanship Larimar Coral Reef Pendant

Our  jewelry is 100% handcrafted, Larimar stones are cut and polish in the Dominican Republic in our lapidary facility located in Santo Domingo.

Not only the larimar stones used are high quality but the designs are so unique that you will feel like a Caribbean Queen. Be aware that you could be capturing too much attention and turning heads wearing a Larimar Magic creation!

Be captivated by our Larimar Jewelry!

Statement Pieces

Handmade Larimar jewelry for the “maximalist” woman, for the unshy woman that is not afraid to be the center of attention whatever she goes. For that powerful woman who exudes confident and wants to get noticed because she knows she is wearing the best of the best!

Unsurpassed craftsmanship. Larimar stone Jewelry with a unique combination of bold, stylish and distinctively designs. Dress up or dress down; you’ll always have the perfect piece. Real unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else.

Larimar Jewelry octopus pendant necklace
Larimar and gold jewelry  handmade -Once in a Lifetime Larimar Necklace

Larimar and Gold Necklace
From the classically fashionable to the elegantly cutting-edge
Vintage. Boho, Modern styles for every woman

Every piece shows exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials such as sterling silver or 18 karat gold, bezel-set by hand with the choicest larimar stones available.

All the jewelry  is both wearable and eminently stylish. Enriched with semiprecious gemstones like Blue Topaz, Moonstone, Amethyst and Pearls. This personal adornment is sure to be eye-catching, head-turning, and a bold celebration of every woman’s unique individualism. There is no better way to express that idea than wearing a beautiful stone mined in only one place in the world in a unique sterling silver setting made by hand, avoiding mass produced jewelry settings.

Whether you are looking for strength and boldness, or ethereal delicacy, there exists a Larimar Magic creation that speaks to that personal style. Modern sensibility and classic aesthetics meets in an exciting collection with no other exact equivalent.

Larimar handmade Stone Jewelry to impress
Once in a Lifetime Collection
larimar and gold necklace

High quality Larimar Jewelry collection that makes a dazzling impression no matter what angle you view it from, thanks to the tireless attention to detail put into every piece.

Though every piece is signed, the peerless quality of every piece is the clearest proof of its authenticity.

Handcrafted Larimar Jewelry is nickel free, 925 sterling silver, some, with Rhodium and Platinum plating to avoid tarnishing.   

larimar statement necklace handmade from the once in a lifetime collection


Larimar Turtle cuff bangle sterling silver

Attention to Details
Larimar Cuff Bracelet with Turtles

Our Strongest assets are the meticulous selection process with which we personally choose stones, the boldly textured craftsmanship, the attention to detail that enriches every piece, and this jewelry’s affordability.


Limited Edition and One of a Kind pieces. Most of the pieces we offer are a singular creation, never to be seen again. Most are unique, one of a kind. Rare to find two stones with the same shape, nor identical settings.



Larimar Gemstone Jewelry with different styles to choose from


You will find a wide range of different styles in our Larimar Jewelry for sale, such as Larimar engagement rings, Larimar and Pearl necklaces, Larimar and gold jewelry (14k and 18k solid gold, Larimar and amber jewelry and Larimar men’s rings and jewelry.

The result is exceptional beauty with a touch of modern sensibility.
Larimar Jewellery which is both bold and stylish and equally wearable.

This jewelry was created for the woman who celebrates her individualism and uniqueness, a woman who likes to be noticed and turn heads because she knows that she is wearing best of the best from a stone mined in only one place in the world.

In our collection you will find a vast variety of pieces suitable for any style, whether it’s delicate or bold. From statement to classic pieces that are sure to capture attention and turn heads.

We carefully pick the larimar stones quality for making our designs to be without flaws like discoloration, pale colors, inclusions or cracks to ensure that you are getting the truly larimar quality stone.

If you are looking for wholesale larimar jewelry made exclusively for retailers and larimar resellers, visit our wholesale site HERE



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