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Larimar Magic rings feature the world’s finest diamonds and unparalleled craftsmanship-signatures of the House for almost two centuries.

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Dominican Designer Mildred Ogando creates this genuine Larimar jewelry handmade collection.

larimar teardrop pendant Payton necklace handmade in Dominican Republic

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Oceanic Charm: Adorn Yourself with Exquisite Larimar Necklaces, Each Piece a Reflection of Caribbean Waters, Radiating Calmness and Beauty.


Larimar Pendant - Classy Elegance
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A Vision in Color: Explore a Kaleidoscope of Possibilities, Where Every Hue Tells a Story and Every Shade Evokes Emotion


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The Larimar Bracelets

larimar men ring Ares

The New Arrivals

Artistry. Sculpture. Elegance.

Larimar pendant Destiny handcrafted in Dominican Republic
larimar necklace statement sterling silver dominicana
Larimar Heart Ring Rita
Larimar pendant Destiny handcrafted in Dominican Republic
larimar dangle earrings triangle Lara set in sterling silver
larimar jewelry handmade by Larimar Magic in Dominican Republic

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larimar heart stone pendant handmade in sterling silver

Larimar Jewelry to melt hearts!

Browse our wide range of handmade Larimar stone jewelry in heart shaped pendant necklaces, bracelet and ring handmade collection and find that special piece for yourself or for your loved one. The Perfect gift in modern or vintage styles to celebrate love.

Art of Nature Collection

Inspired by nature and wild life themes, like starfish, Dragonfly and palm trees, together with genuine, high quality real Larimar stones in vibrant colors, this unique handmade larimar stone jewelry collection sets itself apart as powerful, youthful and feminine.


Larimar Quality & Grading

Larimar stones have many different colors, ranging from a pale whitish-blue to the deep, dazzling shade Volcanic Blue. Deeper tones are the hallmark of higher quality larimar. The most prized stones exhibit a deep but vibrant hue. These Volcanic Blue stones are difficult to obtain, since they are much rarer than the white, pale blue, or pale green stones.

Only a small fraction of the Larimar mined is of sufficient quality to earn the highest grade.

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Once in a Lifetime Collection Statement Necklaces

LARIMAR MAGIC takes you to the blue waters found in the Caribbean through the genuine high quality Larimar stones handpicked to assure the quality that will never cease to amaze you.

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