Larimar Meaning – Metaphysical & Healing Properties




Larimar, Metaphysical and Healing properties

Larimar stone with its healing blue shade that is so similar to the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea, helps you to think clearly by dispelling the negative energy that might be in your mind or surrounding you.

If you are going through a tough time emotionally, whether that is dealing with your own feelings or the feelings of the people around you, a a Larimar crystal is the perfect stone to keep close by. It gives you the strength to listen to the voice of your Higher Self and speak without fear and anxiety.

Larimar gemstone relates with several metaphysical healing powers and is a favorite among people who promote holistic healing.

It is a great stone for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression and mental stress, as its brilliant blue shade reminds the wearer of the calming effects of the sea.

Larimar stone is thought to have several healing properties because it is a rare stone that balances both Water and Fire energies.

It is a water element stone, as seen from its beautiful, mesmerizing blue color, and yet has volcanic, i.e. fire element origins.

Larimar crystals can be able to cool fiery tempers and relieve stress, by balancing the masculine and feminine energies in the mind, body and soul and bring clarity in thought by ridding the mind of fears and doubts.

Because real, genuine Larimar has only one source on the planet, it is a rare semi-precious stone.

There are many ways to benefit from this crystal and you can choose from wearing it like jewelry, keeping it in your pocket or even placing it in your personal space.

This rare gemstone is very effective in calming down stress and anger issues. It is great for keeping on an office desk, since it promotes effective communication too.

Larimar crystals symbolize the peaceful waters of the Sea

If you are a budding crystal enthusiast or already have a huge crystal collection, Larimar will soon become one of your favourite crystals.

This rare gem has a few other names, such as the Atlantis Stone, Stefilia’s Stone and even the Dolphin Stone.

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How to meditate with Larimar crystal

Anyone meditating with this stone can feel a serene tranquility, that will calm all anxious and spiraling thought patterns.

Meditating with Larimar is a great option when you are feeling stressed or out of sorts.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore. Feel the peace enveloping your inner core, as you feel the breeze in your hair and the blue sea in front of you. That is the essence of a Larimar stone- calming and encouraging you to surrender all your fears and anger, in favor of positive energy.

Hold the stone in your hand and concentrate with your mind’s eye on its pristine blue shade.

Think of the blue in the sea and sky and let that take you back to a time when you were at peace. Feel the serenity of the sea in the stone wash over you and take away your troubles and anxieties.

Focus on your breathing and breathe in and out slowly, as you feel the positive energy radiating from your Larimar and enveloping you in its comforting aura.




Larimar Tumbled stones and Larimar Worry stones are widely used for their healing benefits in all areas of your life, especially with your physical, mental, and emotional.

Larimar Healing Properties

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Larimar name origin

Real Larimar lies in the Bahoruco mountains in the Dominican Republic but often breaks free and washes down by rain into the rivers and sea.

Larimar’s interesting name comes from the Spanish priest daughter’s name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea, ‘Mar’.

In the past, due to its stunning blue shade, people would often think that the stone origin was in the sea instead of in the mountains.

In 1974, Dominican Miguel Mendez rediscovers this rare gemstone.



Larimar Crystal and Feng Shui – office & home spaces

Larimar can be tremendously beneficial as a stone surrounding your personal space, perhaps next to your bed or even at work, on your desk.

The stone has natural, holistic healing properties that quieten your mind and take you back to a tranquil headspace, where your thoughts are clear and composed.

Larimar promotes communication and gives you the power to let go of any old, dark thoughts or habits that no longer serve your best interests.

Larimar Healing Properties to Calm your emotions – embrace your inner peace

If you are going through a tough time emotionally, whether that is dealing with your own feelings or the feelings of the people around you, Larimar is the perfect stone to keep close by.

With its healing blue shade that is so similar to the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea, Larimar helps you to think clearly by dispelling the negative energy that might be in your mind or surrounding you.

It gives you the strength to listen to the voice of your Higher Self and speak without fear and anxiety.



Larimar Healing Stones - Tumbled Stones

Larimar and Infertility

Larimar lies in the mountains of the Dominican Republic and makes it way down to the Caribbean Sea.

Both the sea and the mountains form part of Mother Nature, who is generous and giving.

This mysterious gemstone could be helpful with issues of infertility, especially if one is going through the process of IVF or other related treatments.

Larimar in conjunction with other booster stones, such as rose quartz, it is extremely effective in assisting with difficult pregnancies, by enhancing fertile feminine energies around the wearer.

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Larimar Stone Healing Properties and Throat Chakra

Larimar crystal and the Throat Chakra and is beneficial in clearing up the flow of energy between the head and the rest of the body.

This rare gemstone helps activate the mind, and take back control from doubts and fears.

It soothes mental anxiety, by enlightening the mind and soul.

Larimar healing properties also promotes better communication and speaking from the inner self, without apprehension.

It helps dissolve any remaining emotional barriers or patterns, that prevent one from achieving their highest potential.



Larimar healing properties - Tumbled Stones
Larimar stone rough


Larimar crystal healing properties for headaches

This pectolite has several health benefits and can assist the wearer in soothing blockages in the throat and head. can be helpful in lowering high blood pressure.

The Dominican gem can also help in stress headaches, that might be caused by some deep-rooted emotional pain or burdens that the wearer might not be aware of.

This gorgeous blue stone is helpful in soothing inflammations and infections, especially of the chest, throat and other parts of the head.

This rare gemstone is a favorite stone of most holistic healers because of its uses in healing both physical and mental issues.


Believe that this larimar crystal was meant to find its way to you, so that it can uplift your spirits and bring you positive energy.

If you are feeling down in the dumps and can’t pinpoint the exact reason, hold a Larimar stone close to you and allow it to weave its powerful healing properties all around you.


Larimar or pectolite is a great healing stone because it balances both the masculine energy of Fire and the calming feminine energy of Water.

It will soothe your anxieties and worries, and help you get a clearer mind. Wear it or place it next to you and see how the stone enriches your daily life for the better.




The Larimar Crystal embodies the radiance of the Caribbean and the serenity of the Bahoruco Mountains.

Use the best of these two worlds to achieve a clarity of mind that Larimar will provide.

This crystal will help you alleviate all your negative patterns of distrust and worries that you might sub-consciously hold within you.

Allow the Larimar you have to heal you and show you that there is a better version of you that wants to present itself to the world.

Larimar stones are powerful crystals that will help you through the toughest of times.

Real Larimar crystal is like the Caribbean- powerful, deep and yet gentle and nurturing.

Larimar stones are often upheld for their potent healing powers and can calm down the fiercest of tempers.

It helps to dispel any fears and energetic obstructions, especially helping clear obstacles between the head and the rest of the body.

It is a Throat chakra stone and aids in effective communication by removing blockages that are clouding your progress.

Get yourself this amazing gemstone and see how it transforms the way you approach life.


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