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Larimar: A Dominican Treasure


Where does Larimar come from?

Larimar stones come from the Dominican Republic, our beautiful island situated in the Caribbean.

On the slopes of a single jungle covered mountain in the Dominican Republic, lies the world’s source of this stunning gemstone that we know as Larimar.

The most expensive Larimar is a deep, vibrant blue, volcanic blue color and is incredibly difficult to obtain.

This long extinct volcano is the world’s only source of Larimar . Only a small fraction of the Larimar is of sufficient quality to earn the highest grade. Be captivated by our Larimar pendants and rings.


The most expensive Larimar is a deep, vibrant blue, volcanic blue color and is incredibly difficult to obtain.

Larimar volcanic blue stone from the Dominican Republic

Larimar crystal is like the heart of the sparkling waters of the Dominican Republic.


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Who discovered this rare gem?

in 1974, Dominican Miguel Mendez rediscovered this rare gemstone.
He took his young daughter’s name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea (mar) and formed Larimar.

Why are larimar stones so rare?

It is indeed fascinating that a single square kilometer holds the world’s exclusive source of Larimar.

It is inconceivable that any two Larimar stones would be alike considering the fact that they are always natural, never dyed or stabilized, this being further complemented with the swirling Larimar patterns in uniquely distinctive colors.

How Larimar stones are graded?

By Color-
AAA grade Larimar possesses a striking, intense deep blue color. While other colors of Larimar are available, the deep volcanic blue is the most prized due to the rarity of the color.

By Pattern-
Fine Larimar has a distinctive and exquisite pattern patterning, reminiscent of the deep waters surrounding the Dominican Republic where it is mined.

By Size-
Substantial sizes of highest quality Larimar are extremely hard to find.

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Other attributes

    • Luster- Larimar, like other gemstones, is also graded on the luster of the stone. How glossy the stone appears, or how dull, affects the grade given to the stone.
    • Luminosity- Only the highest quality gemstones have what seems to be an inner glow. The more luminous a stone is, the higher the grade of the gem.
    • Clarity- Like diamonds, Larimar is graded on its clarity. Clarity is an indication of the stones lack of imperfections like pitting, carbon deposits, cracks and more.
    • Translucence- How translucent is the stone? Can light pass through it? This will affect the grade of the stone, as well.
    • Chatoyance- This is a silky, lustrous band that can be seen in the stone.



larimar stingray jewelry pendant from the Dominican Republic

Larimar Grading

Larimar gemstones have many different colors, ranging from a pale whitish-blue to the deep, dazzling shade Volcanic Blue. Deeper tones are the hallmark of higher grade larimar. The most prized stones exhibit a deep but vibrant hue. These Volcanic Blue stones are difficult to obtain, since they are much rarer than the white, pale blue, or pale green examples.  

Only a small fraction of the Larimar mined is of sufficient quality to earn the highest grade. Read more about Larimar quality and grading

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High Quality Larimar Gems

We use only the sky blue, deep blues and rich patterned blues. Our jewelry avoids use of the low quality pale blue, white, red or green stones, which are inferior even if they are free of imperfections.

Our Larimar gemstones are free of flaws such as discolorations, inclusions, cracks, or splits, ensuring that you can wear the most superb and attractive larimar jewelry.  Learn more about the quality of our larimar.

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larimar stone earrings from the Dominican Republic


Larimar stone raw from the Dominican Republic

How is larimar mined?

Larimar mining is by hand in the rugged mountains of the Dominican Republic. The hard, volcanic ground grudgingly yields up the precious stone and only a small percent of the rough will possess the intrinsic qualities to be graded AAA. While many different colorations of Larimar are available, the highest rated volcanic blue larimar is the hardest to find and most difficult to obtain.



The source of Larimar gemstones, deep in the heart of a long dead volcano, is the Los Chupaderos mine.

The miners must gently remove the stone from the begrudging earth by hand; dynamite will only damage the amazing beauty of Larimar.

Very few Larimar stones will receive the AAA grading. That rating is the highest possible and a mark of a true quality stone.

Many Larimar dealers simply don’t have access to stones of this quality and because they market lesser quality stones in their place. When buying larimar jewelry, it’s very important that you purchase your stones from a reputable dealer to avoid buying low quality or fake stones.

larimar stone jewelry high quality from the Dominican Republic


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