Our Larimar COLORS

Larimar is mined in many different colors, ranging from a pale whitish-blue to the deep, dazzling shade called Volcanic Blue. Our Collection of Larimar Stone Jewelry feature only the highest quality Larimar.  Deeper tones are the hallmark of higher quality larimar. The most prized stones exhibit a deep but vibrant hue. These Volcanic Blue stones are difficult to obtain, since they are much rarer than the white, pale blue, or pale green colors.

Everyone has their unique preferences, and so we are dedicated to appealing to diverse tastes through use sky-blue to deep volcanic blue shades.

larimar stone high quality jewelry

Flaws free Larimar STONE JEWELRY

We offer a range of the finest colors, including sky blue, deep blues and rich patterned blues. Our jewelry avoids use of the low quality pale blue, white, red or green stones, which are inferior even if they are free of imperfections.

Our Larimar stones are free of flaws such as discolorations, inclusions, cracks, or splits, ensuring that you can wear the most superb and attractive high quality larimar stone jewelry.

Find our wholesale Larimar Jewelry, designed for exclusively for retailers.

high quality larimar stone jewelry
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