Our Story

Mildred Ogando, founder of Laura Bonetti,  was born in the Dominican Republic, where she still lives today.. A privileged location that has allowed her to be part of the mine operations and cultivate a strong relationship with larimar miners in her country. Those relationships give her the ability to offer the highest quality larimar stones affordably.

Years ago, Mildred’s friend Carla Bonetti left Italy to visit the Dominican Republic. While there, she discovered the exquisite blue larimar stones that are a unique gemstone of the Dominican mines, and fell in love with their beauty.

Mildred wanted to buy her friend some larimar jewelry as a keepsake of her journey to the Dominican Republic, but she also knew that her friend had a very exacting, refined tastes in fashion and jewelry. None of the larimar jewelry then available in Dominican gift shops matched the quality she wanted for her gift to her friend.

Turning to her own creativity, Mildred fashioned a one-of-a-kind present. Starting with a larimar stone bought direct from the miners, the artist made what was to be the first Laura Bonetti piece, inspired by friendship and impeccable taste.

A deep attachment for her roots lead her to design a unique line of jewelry using the rare national stone that is found only in a small mountainous area in her country.

Combining the name of Mildred’s daughter (Laura) and the family name of her friend (Bonetti), Laura Bonetti brand was born.

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