Real Larimar jewelry -Guarantee

All our larimar jewelry for sale is handmade using only real larimar stones. Every jewelry purchase you make from our website comes with an Authenticity Guarantee card.

This authenticity card assures you that you are the owner of a 100% piece handcrafted with natural Larimar stones in its top grade coming from the Dominican Republic.

Our Larimar stones are 100% natural, not enhanced or treated in any way and that was made with authentic larimar top quality stones mined in the Dominican Republic.


Larimar Magic Jewelry offers a LIFETIME  warranty on all jewelry.

Larimar Jewelry is warranted to the original consumer/purchaser against breakage or malfunction under normal use due to defects in material or workmanship.

Check out our range of real larimar jewelry for sale here: collections.

Learn more about how to spot a fake larimar stone

Larimar Magic Authenticity Card certificates that the larimar stone jewelry you are buying from our website is 100% authentic genuine larimar with high quality directly from Dominican Republic
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