larimar wholesale jewelry designed for retailers

Larimar Wholesale Jewelry

As a retailer, you will be able to take advantage of many benefits when you purchase wholesale Larimar Jewelry from us.

The uniqueness and the quality ensure that your establishment always has unique merchandise with which to bedazzle your customers.

Each piece is crafted using time-honored traditional techniques and because of the unique nature of the Larimar stones, you will find that your customers never grow weary of looking from piece to piece.

We are able to provide the single best price on high quality Larimar jewelry.  Check out the large selection and options you have to set your business apart carrying affordable, high quality larimar.

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 Looking for Handmade Larimar Custom Designs?

We can create a custom wholesale line of Larimar jewelry that exhibits specific style elements, or that contains elements of a single theme in a number of pieces for your needs.

Limitless customization to meet your exact needs and the uniqueness required to impact the modern consumer and much more.

Alternatively, existing designs can be melded or refined to meet the desires of our retailers.

In addition, gift pouches and Certificate of Authenticity cards are available to enhance your customers’ enjoyment and convenience.

Whether you are looking to integrate ready-to-wear Larimar products into your store or creating a custom exclusive line of Larimar jewelry for your store, we can provide you with the best of the best in Larimar jewelry.

Larimar Magic Authenticity Card certificates that the larimar stone jewelry you are buying from our website is 100% authentic genuine larimar with high quality directly from Dominican Republic
wholesale larimar jewelry designed for retailers
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